Danny’s Place Youth Services

Helping a teen resource center focus and strengthen their programs.



About the organization Working in suburban Massachusetts, Danny’s Place Youth Services provides local teens with resources and programs that create and support positive youth development.

Our challenge Danny’s Place came to Change Better shortly after launching a new program-focused initiative. They were looking for support in marketing their programs and updating their messaging to attract additional participants.


What we did To address their core messaging, we first went back to the basics. We helped update their mission and vision statements, developed a competitive analysis, and crafted a new competitive advantage statement. We then helped adjust their programming to correspond to these updates. And finally, we used this foundational work to update the marketing content and marketing strategies to fit this renewed and defined focus.

The result DPYS's updated marketing initiatives has lead to increase in program attendance, and perhaps more importantly, has deepened community partnerships—which in turn has significantly raised awareness of these programs and helped reach their target audience.

As a result of these updates and changes, the organization has grown more efficient through a cycle of internal reflection > updating program priorities > getting the word out to the community. Danny’s Place Youth Services has been able to find its niche within the local community, and work with students and families who are most in need of their unique resources.


Services provided


“Change Better led us through the process of asking the big questions about our mission, and where and how we wanted to grow. This turned into a bigger part of our process than we expected, but grew organically from their direction.”

Cindy McCarthy, Director of Danny's Place Youth Services