Share Necessities trains inner-city youth in mindfulness, meditation & yoga, and leadership—providing young people with the tools to transform their lives, and become role models in their communities.

Share Necessities first partnered with Change Better, as they were just getting started. They were new, and working on a tight budget, so they needed a way jump into the work and maximize their resources. Together, we worked to develop a business model that made the most of what they had.

We designed a partnership distribution model, whereby Share would partner with schools to offer their program to low-income students. This type of model meant that Share Necessities could tap into an infrastructure that was already in place—the schools themselves. They didn’t have to worry about spending resources on securing a location, providing transportation, or marketing or recruitment. Instead, they could focus their time and their resources on what they do best—providing an incredible program.

Share Necessities launched its program in partnership with an after school initiative of the LA Public School District in March 2016. This partnership allowed them to work with students without delay, to test their model, to learn by doing, and to create an immediate impact.

What’s more, by working within the school network, Share has a larger pool of data at their fingertips. They can look at attendance rates, grades, and changes in disciplinary issues. They have access to control groups and qualitative feedback from teachers. This data enables Share to track the impact of their program on their student’s day to day lives.

After a successful pilot program, Share plans to grow its programs through the LA Public School system. Los Angeles has the second largest public school system in the country with over 650,000 students. By working within this network, Share has a tremendous opportunity to explode through this network, with very little spent on infrastructure.

By building a model that focuses on partnership, Share Necessities can bring mindfulness, meditation & yoga, and leadership training to those 650,0000 students that need these tools the most.

Case Studies
Collaborating to bring inner peace to the streets.