Prevent Suicide PA: Branding

Designing a logo to bring two organizations and their audiences together.



About the organization Prevent Suicide PA works to support those who are affected by suicide. They provide education, awareness, and understanding by collaborating with the community to both prevent suicide and reduce the stigma associated with suicide across the state of Pennsylvania.

Our challenge When Prevent Suicide PA approached Change Better, it was in the midst of merging from two different organizations. While both original organizations were about suicide prevention and education and awareness, their target audiences were very different. Each focused on different age groups—one, on adults and seniors and the other on kids and teens. As part of the merger process, it was imperative to create a new logo that would appeal to all ages and help bring these organizations and their audiences together. The logo design was therefore not only critical to update their brand, but to unite this new organization.


What we did We began the process by brainstorming what the tone and feel for this new entity should be, bringing in leaders and stakeholders from across the organization. Utilizing the official suicide prevention colors of purple and teal, we developed several rounds of designs that offered a balance of bright and serious tone. The final design utilized Pennsylvania and the suicide awareness ribbon, in a clear and readily recognizable statement.

The result The new logo was immediately rolled out into new marketing materials, and has been integrated into all branded materials for Prevent Suicide PA over the last year.


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Our experience with Change Better was fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone.

Govan Martin, Chair/Board of Directors Prevent Suicide PA