Gotta Have Sole: Website Redesign

Using design to reflect the joy an organization brings to homeless youth across the country.



About the organization Gotta Have Sole provides homeless youth with new shoes to call their own. Their mission is to provide homeless youth with brand new shoes to help them feel confident, comfortable, and special.

Our challenge After working with us for two years, Gotta Have Sole asked Change Better to build a new website that would better reflect the changes to their programming, organizational goals, and brand. It had been a while since their old site was built, and Gotta Have Sole felt their outdated site no longer conveyed the energy and feel of their organization.


What we did Through a series of conversations, we gained an intimate sense of everything Gotta Have Sole wanted in a new site. We then developed a design strategy to bring all of that to life—in way that didn't feel complicated or overwhelming to visitors. The first step in developing that design was to distill their organization into its simplest form, who they are at their core, what they bring to the world. For us the answer was a single word: Joy. Gotta Have Sole is about bringing much more than a pair of shoes to each life they touch, its about bringing joy. And we set out to make a site that captures that feeling on every single page. We sought to inspire and invigorate and show anyone interested in getting involved just how joyful changing lives can be.

The result Since the launch of the redesigned website, the positive feedback on for the site has been pouring in. And engagement in the organization has grown 43% percent in the last year, with 26 total clubs, 8,900 total scholarship applications, and 89,700 total new shoes donated and delivered to kids in need.

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“I cannot express how much we love our new website, which truly embodies Gotta Have Sole's passion for improving the lives of homeless and disadvantaged children.  The website is user-friendly, and easy to navigate through, and depicts our programs with a vibrancy that runs through our organization."

"Change Better made the process of creating a new website painless and seamless because of their talent, creativity and expertise. From the beginning, Change Better shared with our organization each aspect of their proposed design, working with us to develop a personalized site to fit our needs. They were and continue to be available to update the website and to add programs and content as we grow."

"I am indebted to Change Better for presenting Gotta Have Sole in its best light!"



Lori Lowinger, Executive Director of Gotta Have Sole